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Jeremiah Gottwald ジェレミア ... Jeremiah swears his loyalty to Lelouch in order to redeem his failure to protect Marianne by revealing the location of the Geass Order and aiding in its destruction. 3 The Rooster: Jeremiah Gottwald Owning arguably one of the most winding character arcs in the series, Jeremiah Gottwald is defined by one consistent trait, and that is his loyalty. Summoning Jeremiah Gottwald Simps. May 7, 2014 - To put it in context, this man has suicidally charged an enemy giant Mecha with his own giant Mecha Fortress, detonated the Mecha inside said Huge Mecha... Loyalty of Jeremiah Gottwald. Like the rooster of the Chinese zodiac, Jeremiah remains loyal by being observant of his surroundings. WE TOLD YOU THIS WOULD GET ITS OWN PAGE SOON! 154 Favourites. Jeremiah Gottwald is a character in Code Geass. Loyalty of Jeremiah Gottwald. Jeremiah was a high-ranking member of the Britannian army, but after being controlled by Zero, he was demoted. Advertisement: Code Geass is a show that manages to combine huge crowning moments of awesome with huge narm. Jeremiah Gottwald. By KeganVfar Watch. Code Geass: Jeremiah Gottwald, suicidally charges an enemy's giant robot with his own giant robot, detonates his giant robot, leaps out of his robot's cockpit seconds before the explosion and is now holds the enemy pilot captive at swordpoint. A place to celebrate and tease Jeremiah Gottwald Inviting any straggling Code Geass fans to interact! 94 Comments. This is the perfect combination for the development of Fa b u l o us memes. While she is Japanese, as noted by Jeremiah Gottwald, Sayoko shows strong loyalty to Lelouch as she went to him, instead of the Black Knights which shows that she defected from them, during the time when Emperor Lelouch declared war on the entire world. Jeremiah Gottwald: 50% Man, 50% Machine, 200% MOTHERFUCKING LOYALTY! Since then, Jeremiah has sworn to kill Zero. is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.His seiyū is Ken Narita, and his English voice actor is Crispin Freeman.. He held the rank of Margrave in Area 11's Military Hierarchy.He failed to prevent Marianne vi Britannia's death, so he joined the Britannian Army to hopefully redeem himself and regain some honor before finally defecting to the Black Knights after learning of Lelouch vi Britannia's true intentions. 18K Views. Loyalty of Jeremiah Gottwald. All out of loyalty to Lelouch. In the end, he assists in the Zero Requiem and retires as, ironically, a content orange farmer along with Anya. Name: Jeremiah Gottwald Origin: Code Geass Gender: Male Classification: Human/Cyborg Age: 28 in R1, 29 in R2 Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, durability, cybernetically enhanced to be stronger than a normal human, has a built in Geass canceler that can reverse the effects of Geass Weaknesses: Can have his Sakuradite life support systems … Jeremiah Gottwald (ジェレミア・ゴットバルト, Jeremia Gottobaruto?) According to the writing staff of Code Geass, it was originally planned for Jeremiah to die in episode 10 from injuries sustained while fighting Kallen.

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